Murad Haircare is a patented scalp treatment program developed by Dr. Howard Murad. Murad Professional Scalp Treatment replenishes, balances and protects the scalp, ensuring the proper environment for healthy hair to grow and develop.
  Follizin (Hair Spa)
Intensive Hydrating Masque

Balances the sebum and moisture content on the scalp supplying nutrients to the outer and inner hair layers to create silky smooth elastic hair.

Purifying Essence Scalp Hydrolipid Balancing Lotion

Purifying Essence provides powerful anti-oxidizing protection to the scalp and intensifies moisturizing effects that calms and relaxes the scalp.

Scalp Revive Purifying Exfoliator

is a natural exfoliating treatment that deep cleans, exfoliates and unclogs the scalp normalizing secretion and metabolism.

  Follizin (Scalp Care)
The Cleanser

Is a gentle yet thorough cleanser formulated for all scalp and hair types.


Delivers rich moisture and silky softness to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair.

Intensive Energizer

Is a Clinically ProvenĀ  Intensive Anti-aging Scalp and Follicle Treatment to maintain a youthful scalp, control Hair Loss and improve Density and Thickness.


  EKS (Hair Loss)
EKS Vitality Hair Loss Fluid


EKS Vitality Lotion


EKS Rebalance Shampoo


EKS Vitality Shampoo


  KMS (Color Vitality)
Color Vitality Shine and Shield

Color Vitality Shampoo

Color Vitality Conditioner

Color Vitality Blonde Treatment


Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo



  KMS (Curl Up)
Curl Up Wave Foam

Curl Up Shampoo

Curl Up Curling Balm

Curl Up Control Creme


Curl Up Conditioner


Curl Up Bounce Back Spray



  KMS (Free Shape)
Free Shape Shampoo

Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

Free Shape Hot Flex Creme


Free Shape Deep Conditioner


Free Shape Conditioner


  KMS (Hair Play)
Hair Play Texture Shampoo

Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

Hair Play Paste Up Spray

Hair Play Molding Paste


Hair Play Makeover Spray


Hair Play Gel Wax


Hair Play Dry Wax


Hair Play Dry Touchup


Hair Play Design Wax


Hair Play Clay Creme



  KMS (Hair Stay)
Hair Stay Maximum Hold Spray

Hair Stay Antihumidity Seal

Hair Stay Styling Gel

Hair Stay Style Boost


Hair Stay Medium Hold Spray


Hair Stay Max Gel


Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo



  KMS (Head Remedy)
Sensitive Shampoo

Dandruff Shampoo


  KMS (Moist Repair)
Moist Repair Therapy Treatment

Moist Repair Shampoo

Moist Repair Revival Creme

Moist Repair Leave in Conditioner

Moist Repair Conditioner


  KMS (Silk Sheen)
Silk Seen Styling Creme

Silk Sheen Shampoo

Silk Sheen Polishing Serum

Silk Sheen Leave in Conditioner

Silk Sheen Conditioner


  Daeng Gi Meo Ri
Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack

Scal Tonic Liquid 50ml

Scal Tonic Shampoo 300ml
Scal Tonic Liquid 50ml Scal Tonic 145ml


  La Biosthetique
Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack

Methode Normalisante
Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack

Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack

Methode Sensitive
Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack

Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack

Han All Lim Medicinal Herb Scalp Nutrition Pack